Changing Batteries in Poletap Smartrod

TACKOBOX's POLETAP SMARTROD®, the world's first fishing rod with built-in strike alert technology, is now available in select Walmart stores nationwide.

The POLETAP SMARTROD® will reach an expanded network of fishing enthusiasts in over 500 Walmart stores across the country.

The POLETAP SMARTROD® receives high marks from the following:

  • R.R. Shumway aka Catdaddy the Kansas Catman, Master angler and guide
  • Ronnie Garrison, Author of the Everything Fishing Book
  • Bob Ellsberg, Avid fisherman, author and writer for RV Life
  • Various magazines and websites which includes: Fishhound,, Outdoor Hub, Angling International, Sea Magazine, Northwest Yachting Magazine, Popular Science, and In-Fisherman

TACKOBOX is excited about being able to reach fishermen throughout the United States with Walmart's great network. Our presence in Walmart stores marks a "world's first," with the arrival of patented technology built into the fishing rod at an affordable price. TACKOBOX has been in the business of fish bite detection since 2005. Our computer controlled accelerometer technology was developed with ample testing before release to ensure that it would be easy to use, reliable, and affordable, along with great rod strength and action.

When bank fishing, drift fishing, night fishing or fishing with multiple rods; the POLETAP SMARTROD® offers features never before available. The fishing rod is great for the recreational, beginner, or avid fisherman. It is also an excellent gift for that someone who has everything and at $39.44 it is a great deal!


1. Simply cast your rod.
2. Position rod or put in a rod holder.
3. Push button to turn on
4. Wait for a fish to strike

It's that simple.....You can easily choose how sensitive the alarm is by selecting the High, Med or Low setting for bank fishing, drift fishing or waves and wind but there is no incorrect way to use it. The rod can also be used as all typical fishing rods in the off position.


  • Water Resistant Design
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Hi-Med-Low Digital Readout
  • (2) Long-Life CR2032 Batteries installed
  • (4) Red High-Output LED Alerts
  • Optional Light and Sound or Light Only Alert
  • Stainless Steel Guides
  • Fiberglass Rod for Strength

The POLETAP SMARTROD® is the perfect gift for 2015! Visit for more details.



Ajuste de sensibilidad

1. Oprima el botón para encender la unidad.
2. Elige configuración de alta, media o baja sensibilidad.
3. Espere 3 segundos y toque la barra. La cantidad de corriente necesaria para activar la alarma está determinada por el ajuste de sensibilidad de H-M-L elegido". El SMARTROD tarda 3 segundos en reajuste para otro bocado después de las alarmas.
4. Pulsar el botón y manténgalo pulsado para apagar la unidad.

Sólo alerta ajuste la luz

1. Para operar con luz única alerta, oprima el botón para encender y continúe presionando el botón hasta que se muda entonces suelte el botón. Elija Configuración de sensibilidad - alto, medio, o bajo y alerta sólo será luz.
2. Pulsar el botón y manténgalo pulsado para apagar la unidad.

Información adicional

La barra se apagará después de una hora si no se detecta ningún movimiento. Cuando un pez huelgas la alarma sonará. Como los peces se tambaleó en la alerta va silenciosa. (La alarma puede sonar una vez más si la barra no es recogida dentro de 3 segundos).

Cambio de pilas

BATT ORIENTATION ---Desatornille la tapa del compartimento. Saque las baterías viejas (CR2032) e instale las baterías nuevas exactamente de la misma manera. Vuelva a colocar la puerta de la batería y enroscar para garantizar. Nota: Asegúrese de colocar y realinear la puerta en la ranura de apertura cuidadosamente. No hay que forzar la puerta para cerrar

El SMARTROD es un dispositivo electrónico que es resistente al agua.



Sensitivity Setting

1. Push button to turn unit on.
2. Pick sensitivity setting High, Medium or Low.
3. Wait 3 seconds and tap rod. The amount of tap needed to trigger alarm is determined by the chosen H-M-L sensitivity adjustment. The SMARTROD takes 3 seconds to reset for another bite after it alarms
4. Push button and hold to turn unit off.

Light Only Alert Setting

1. To operate with light only alert, push button to turn on and continue to hold button until it goes silent then release button. Choose sensitivity setting - High, Medium, or Low and alert will be light only.
2. Push button and hold to turn unit off.

Additional Information

The rod will power down after one hour if no movement is detected. When a fish strikes the alert will sound. As the fish is reeled in the alert will go silent. (The alert may sound one more time if the rod is not picked up within 3 seconds.)

Changing Batteries

BATT ORIENTATION ---Unscrew battery door. Remove old batteries (CR2032) and install new batteries EXACTLY the same way. Put battery door back on and screw in to secure. NOTE: Be sure to reattach and realign door into slot opening carefully. There is no need to force the door to close.

The SMARTROD is an electronic device that is water resistant.



For immediate release: TACKOBOX LLC., the leader in patented microchip accelerometer technology and quality electronic bite detection fishing rods
announced today that it's POLETAP SMARTROD and combo product line introduced at ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas are now available for purchase in select retail stores:

Academy Sports
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Also available online

Select Retail Locations

Catfish Connection Catalog
Also available online

The first of its kind ... and possibly the single most significant innovation to the modern fishing rod, the Poletap SmartRod brings integrated accelerometer bite detection technology to a handsome and rugged 2-piece medium action rig. With the use of Sound Alert and high-output LEDs, the Poletap SmartRod provides a built-in alarm system that activates when the line is receiving activity from the fish below the surface.Three sensitivity levels allow you to cancel out false alarms and one-button operation ensures that this advanced technology is kept simple.

"The first of its kind ... and possibly the single most significant innovation to the modern fishing rod..." - Florida Sport Fishing June 26 2013.

Bite detection features are powered from two CR2032 Lithium batteries. Our patented Computer Controlled Accelerometer Technology detects fish activity throughout the fishing rod and does not rely on mechanical mouse-traps, roller wheels or clip-on bells and whistles. This powerful technology has already generated buzz, as "the future of fishing"... - Übergizmo Edwin Kee. It is available in a 6'6" spincast rod, 7' spinning rod and 7' spinning combo of the rod and reel.
Specs & Features

Water Resistant Design
Light and Sound or Light Only Alerts
Adjustable Sensitivity Hi-Med-Low Digital Readout
High-Output Speaker
Two (2) Long-Life CR2032 Batteries
Four (4) Red High-Output LED Alerts
Combo Package with Balanced Ball Bearing Spinning Reel with Red 15lb Line

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