Instructions (English)


Sensitivity Setting

1. Push button to turn unit on.
2. Pick sensitivity setting High, Medium or Low.
3. Wait 3 seconds and tap rod. The amount of tap needed to trigger alarm is determined by the chosen H-M-L sensitivity adjustment. The SMARTROD takes 3 seconds to reset for another bite after it alarms
4. Push button and hold to turn unit off.

Light Only Alert Setting

1. To operate with light only alert, push button to turn on and continue to hold button until it goes silent then release button. Choose sensitivity setting - High, Medium, or Low and alert will be light only.
2. Push button and hold to turn unit off.

Additional Information

The rod will power down after one hour if no movement is detected. When a fish strikes the alert will sound. As the fish is reeled in the alert will go silent. (The alert may sound one more time if the rod is not picked up within 3 seconds.)

Changing Batteries

BATT ORIENTATION ---Unscrew battery door. Remove old batteries (CR2032) and install new batteries EXACTLY the same way. Put battery door back on and screw in to secure. NOTE: Be sure to reattach and realign door into slot opening carefully. There is no need to force the door to close.

The SMARTROD is an electronic device that is water resistant.